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In these images, my interest is limited to the most fundamental questions of life that come with existence. The everyday phenomena of the experienced (materialistic) life match in me with the metaphysical formula of the unknown reality and distort to a grotesque, self-ironic image. Faith and church, time and space, love and vulnerability, death and remembrance: despite the ordinaryness of these concepts, when it comes to judging or deciding our resolution concerning them, we move between the extremes.

My creative method, an almost physical identification with the painting, the row of undertaken (or the visually remained) reconsiderations witness the dilemma that breaks my mind as well in connection with the topic above. I am seeking for answers, I am trying to grasp, to define life but I do not get to final (fatal) statements. The misgiving hiding inside of me and the fears that come with it absolve by the joy of painting.