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heavy chains of sentimentalism

Genesis is in the focus of the creative mind, the metaphor of Creation and the state of Paradise following it, along with the Fall and the expulsion from Paradise. But what happens after? What are the circumstances that we are living in, what do we look like and what happens to us after the flood? Luca Sára RÓZSA, thanks to a romantic inner motivation tries to uncover the cyclical manner of our existence’s few moments.

The principal concept is built on four large scale paintings, where three is closely linked and the fourth takes the show to a personal level. The three works based on biblical mythology through the lens of Catholicism’s traditions critically reflects to the culture of humanity. The questions rose by Luca Sára RÓZSA is spanning through centuries and civilizations. What could cross the minds of those who lived through a natural cataclysm? What sort of natural disaster did they encounter which later on could be described a religious or spiritual catastrophe.

In the two paintings Flood and Cataclysm, those natural disasters are recreated that are dubbed as biblical or divine, drawing a direct parallel with our time’s climate crisis, it emphasizes the role of water and fire, and our current humanity’s consistent struggle with these elements. Boa in Paradise deals with the Fall known from the Holy Bible, more precisely the mythology of the birth of thinking, and the notion that suggests that by the 21st Century doubt and desire after knowledge lead humanity to become the initiator of these fatal natural disasters. The fourth piece Me and Myself as a Piece of Meat Having a Conversation in the Woods collides the Self’s questions on its own identity’s importance with the cycle of the world as a whole. By stepping out to the three dimensional installation the exhibition’s train of thought is freed from the burden of absurdity and let us see the notion of cycle and renewal that gifts a positive note to the exhibition.