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someone else in my bed (wannabes)

WANNABE: „(…)One who copies or immitates all or most of the aspects dealing with their idol.(…) Most likely a wannabe is lacking in self-confidence and is looking for guidance.” (

Once in a lifetime probably (perhaps?) everybody ends up, anguished, by asking him/herself the crucial question about the meaning of life, or rather, the purpose of it. What should motivate us to set our goals? And whose is the moral code that helps us determine our goals, knowing that, reaching the end, we face death, the denial of everything?

The self or the ego that is in the epicentre of individual existence is, as we all know, painfully temporary and this contrasts sharply with the relative permanence of the universe – as we see it.

My painting focuses on a self that battles with Camus’s absurd, a self that struggles and kicks and wants to be somebody but is consumed by merciless time and space. The English slang word „Wannabe” designates (besides other meanings) an individual with little self-confidence, who needs a role model or an idea to identify with and by doing so he manages to become somebody.